CMA Report Registration

Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA)report isone of the most important documents that any entrepreneur needs for his loan application to be processed with any bank.CMA report covers past , present and future projected performance of the business in financial terms.It uses financial analytics and metrics to help banker understand financial health of borrower.

CMA report covers financial data of 5 years which includes 2 years projected profit & loss account. On the basis of CMA report, Financial analyst is able to decide the financial ability of the company to take on debt on its book.

A well written CMA report will cover analysis of Balance sheet, Comparative statement of Profit and loss account, Fund Flow Statement, Ratio analysis of financials and Maximum permissible bank finance as per RBI norms. We at work towards making the best possible CMA report for your company to help to get bank loans at best possible rates.

CMA Preparation @Rs. 19999/-

Price For Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA)


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CMA preparation for entrepreneurs


All Inclusive Fees
Business plan preparation and CMA data for entrepreneurs

Which are the statements covered in the CMA report ?

Particulars of current & proposed limits

Operating statement

Analysis of Balance sheet

Comparative statement of Current Asset & Current liabilities

Calculation of Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF)

Fund flow statement

Ratio analysis