TDS Filing

TDS is an acronym for Tax Deducted at source. As per Income Tax Act, any company, HUF, LLP or individual carrying business/profession is liable to deduct TDS and deposit the same to the Government according to rates specified by government from time to time.

The person deducting the TDS is known as deductor and person receiving the payment after getting TDS deducted is known as deductee. It is responsibility of deductor to deduct the TDS before making payment to deductee and deposit the same to the Government.

For deducting TDS, deductor needs a unique ten digit alphanumeric number known as Tax deduction and collection account number /TAN number. After deducting TDS, deductor needs to file quarterly return with Income Tax Department with the details of transaction that has taken place.

We at provides support for getting TAN number and filling TDS returns.

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Price For TAN Registration


All Inclusive Fees
TAN registration services with legal consultation. Inclusive of all government fees and taxes


All Inclusive Fees
TAN registration services with legal consultation, One quarter TDS return filing, Inclusive of all government fees and taxes


All Inclusive Fees
TAN registration services with legal consultation, One year TDS return filing, Inclusive of all government fees and taxes.

Rate of TDS Deduction

Under IT SectionThreshold Limit*TDS Slab Rate
Section 192As per applicable income slabAs per income tax slab rate
Section 193₹ 5000 for debenture payment10% of the interests earned on security investments.
Section 194₹ 250010% of proceeds from any deemed dividends
Section 194A₹ 10,00010% of proceeds from interests earned on investments other than securities
Section 194B₹ 10,00030% of prize money on lottery or gaming related winnings
Section 194BB₹ 10,00030% of prize money from horse racing
Section 194C₹ 30,000
which is for each contract, whereas ₹ 100,000 is for p.a.

Proceeds from any contracts/subcontracts

  • Individuals or HUF  @ 1%
  • Non Individual/corporate @ 2%
Section 194D₹ 15,000 5% of earning as insurance commissions
Section 194EE₹ 2,50020% of expense in NSS deposits
Section 194FNIL20% of investment in MF or UTI units
Section 194G ₹ 15,000 5% of the commission money from lottery ticket selling.
Section 194H₹ 15,000 5% of the brokerage earnings
Section 194I ₹ 1,80,0002%  on rental amount of plant & machinery/
10% on the rent of land & building
Section 194J₹ 30,000 p.a10% on the technical/professional services
Section 194LA ₹ 2,50,00010%  on the transfer money paid to any resident while acquiring an  immovable property

Procedure For PAN Registration

Complete our Simple Form

You need to fill our simple company registration form and submit documents for formation of a company.

Legal Consultation

We give you Legal Consultation.

Document Submission

We will create all the required documents and file them with ROC on your behalf.

Your work is completed

Once your company is incorporated, we shall send you all the documents and DSCs.

Frequently Asked Questions

PAN is 10 digit alpha numeric number that is issued to every tax payer where as TAN is 10 digit alpha numeric number issued to tax payer liable to deduct TDS.

TDS returns are to be filled for every quarter of financial year.

31st of every January,May,July,October are due dates for filling TDS returns. Any delay will result in penalty of Rs.200 pm or TDS amount whichever is lower.

In case of non deduction of TDS, the deductor is liable for following consequences:-
1.) Disallowance of expenditure under section 40 (A)(i)
2.) Levy of interest under section 221
3.) Levy of penalty under section 271C for TDS non deduction
4.) Prosecution under section 276B

Indiviual/LLP/ Company/HUF liable to deduct TAX is required to obtain TAN.

Following details are required for obtaining TAN
1.) Name of Applicant
2.) Address of Applicant
3.) Phone no. & Email id of Applicant
4.) PAN of Applicant