Trademark Registration

Trademark is expression and design used for identifying a particular product or service. Trademark is a intellectual property which can protected with registration with the Office of Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks.

We at provides support for registering and protecting your trademark.

Trademark Registration @ Rs. 5000/-

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Legal Protection for your brand

Brand Recognition

Asset Creation

Trust among your customers

Global reach for your brand

Procedure For Trademark Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Copy of LOGO in Black and White
2.) Filling of Form-48
3.) Identity proof of Individual
4.) Address proof of Individual

Yes, Individuals & Sole Proprietorship can register their trademark.

Yes, Partnership Firm/LLP or Company can register their trademark.

Following documents are required for trademark registration:-
1.Copy of Logo (Optional)
2. Signed Form-48.
3.Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate.
4. Incorporation Certificate or Partnership Deed.
5. Identity Proof of Signatory.
6. Address Proof of Signatory.

TM Symbol- It is used when application is filled with trademark registry.
R Symbol- It is used when application is filled and registered with trademark register.
C Symbol- It is copyright symbol; it is used to reserve the right for any work that can copied like music, painting, books etc.

Vienna Codification was established by Vienna Agreement(1973) used for international classification of the figurative elements of marks. It is initial step after filling of application; The Trademark Registrar would apply the Vienna Classification to the trademark based on the figurative elements of marks.

Once Vienna Codification process is completed; the application for trademark registration will be transferred to trademark registrar for trademark examination report.

If objections are raised by trade mark registrar; applicant has the right to appear before trademark registrar and address their objections.

Trademark is usually registered with 4 months after Vienna codification is completed.